Meeting 3 – 02/13/2018

Check out the slides for the full story!

Search engines are amazing, and also very easy to take for granted. Every time you submit a query to Google, a lot of work has to be done in the background: Google must receive your query, interpret your input to understand what you are looking for, find relevant results in its index, rank those results, and send them back to you.

…and it does all of that in a fraction of a second!

A lot of smart people had to have great ideas for these search engines to come to be. This week we took a look at some of the key components in the history of search engines, and how Google was able to rise to power in this era.

Below are extra resources for everything we went over during this meeting. For the story of search engines and how Google took over, check out the powerpoint slides; these links don’t tell the whole story!

The Internet

Organizing the Internet

PageRank + Google

SIG Business

  • First SIG Algorithm Challenges should be up during the Friday ACM meeting
  • We will start looking for another room so that we are not crammed into the office

Next Week

TBD, check back later in the week

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