SIG Challenge Leaderboard

  1. DROP_TABLE *—————————— 1800 points
  2. Jason M. ————————————– 800 points
  3. Evan M. —————————————- 600 points
  4. Kathan Patel ——————————— 500 points
  5. Gabe A. —————————————- 300 points
  6. Matt G.—————————————— 200 points
  7. Enrique C.————————————- 200 points
  8. Andy P. —————————————– 200 points
  9. Tariq K.  —————————————- 200 points
  10. Christopher S. ——————————- 200 points
  11. Jeffrey R. ————————————– 100 points
  12. Junior F. —————————————- 100 points
  13. Ryan B. —————————————– 100 points
  14. Goldfish —————————————- 100 points
  15. Arkane —————————————— 0 points

(Want a nickname instead of your name name? Email


  • 100 == each weekly SIG Algorithm meeting you attend!
  • 200 == give a working solution to a challenge
  • 500 == give a particularly clever or challenging (but working) solution. This one is subjective and varies by challenge.


  • 1st and 2nd place: Raspberry Pi?? Steam gift card?? We can talk about getting whatever technology prizes your heart desires (within reason)
  • All SIG Algorithm members (attend at least 1 meeting): can trade in 400 points for $1 in ACM office snacks! Just email Migle ( to trade in.

Do I need to attend SIG Algorithm meetings to take part? 

Nope! Everyone is welcome to take part in the challenge and try for the prizes. The only caveat is that the points -> ACM office snacks redemption is only for people who have attended at least one SIG Algorithm meeting. But even if you can’t make it to our meetings, you can still win the top prizes.

What’s the SIG Algorithm Challenge?

The SIG Algorithm Challenge is a weekly programming challenge, set up by the NJIT ACM’s SIG Algorithm. The programs are designed to integrate concepts that we learn about in SIG Algorithm and give you a chance to actually implement them. The challenges are posted on this website, sent to the mailing list, shared on the Discord, and also presented at the weekly ACM meetings.

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